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TQ29 - 28 pages – ‘The TQ Summit’ – Joe Murray chats with Andy Wood (TQ & TQN-aut), David Howcroft (N-aut & TQN-aut) and Ash Cooke (aka Chow Mwng), there’s also an accompanying cartoon strip. Interviews with; Robert Weis about his new album ‘Cassette Assembled Scores for Dance: 1991 -1993’, Paul Wormhole of Wormhole Records, and Bodies on Everest. Lee Etherington (Tusk Festival Director) considers the impact on the scene post-Brexit. Reviews of a Bodies on Everest gig, the new work from The Nameless Book, the Bodies on Everest/ Lump Hammer split release, the Weird Garden various artists compilation and the new album from Gidouille. A piece about the history of Weird Garden as it approaches its 100th event.

TQ28 - 28 pages- REYNOLS Special - An interview with the band, four personal reviews of the Minecxio Emanations 1993-2018 box set and an interview with curator of the set; Lasse Marhaug, and photos supplied by the band and drawings supplied by Miguel Tomasin.

TQ27 - 28 pages - An interview with Lindsay Duncanson (aka Pinnel) about the creation of her debut album Animal Wife, a feature on seeking out sounds in the flatlands of Suffolk, an extensive feature on the St James Infirmary almanac 2019 series of EP's with all 12 reviewed, a review of the first TQN-aut promoted gig featuring Warped Freqs and St James Infirmary, a review of the 2019 Woodland Gathering Festival, a mini-feature on the mysterious world of WIP and a review of the new album by The Leaf Library.

TQ26 – 36 pages - £7/ £8/ £9 - Tusk Festival 2019 Special; Festival reviews including The Necks performance and The Cup and Rings performance (David Howcroft and Swarm Front), a review of the full film programme, interviews with Lee Etherington (TUSK Director), David Howcroft, Lloyd Swanton (The Necks) and Shunyata Improvisation Group and a piece on 'creating art from sound' by Museleon.

TQ25 - 28 pages - An interview with Mariam Rezaei and Mark Wardlaw of The Old Police House, A feature piece on vocal improvisation written by Joe Murray (aka Posset) An interview with SAWAK, more tales from the merch' stall, reviews of releases by Lee Riley, Equinox, SAWAK, Richard Sanderson and BrB>voicecoil, gig review featuring Territorial Gobbing, Feghoots, Falco Subbuteto and 1727

TQ24 - 28 pages - An essay on the idea of 'value' in the No Audience Underground, reviews of Kepier Widow, The Doll, Kassia Flux (RIP), Tim Shaw, Malcy Duff, Cowboy Flying Saucer, Robert Ridley Shackleton, Modwump, Marlo Eggplant, and more, A feature on Joni Mitchell's The Hissing of Summer Lawns, Interviews with Cowboy Flying Saucer and Ade Hodges, a feature on the new album from Nat Lyon, a gig review featuring Robert Ridley Shackleton, Mariam Rezaei and Chelsea Hare and another gig review featuring Posset, Heat Death of the Sun, Glands of External Secretion and Twig Harper

TQ22 & 23 - Antipodean Special DOUBLE ISSUE - 56 pages - £9/ £10/ £11 - Feature on Buzzing Minds and the creation of a noise album by homeless people in Sydney and an interview with the project co-ordinator Jay Simonit, and a personal description of their track by each of the albums contributors, reviews of Thistle Group, Pumice, The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor, Beth Gripps, 3031, Helicopter Quartet and more, interviews with the Australian Frustration Jazz label and Independent Woman Records and with Dylan Carlson, Claire Mahoney (aka Thistle Group), Stefan Neville (aka Pumice), a feature on TQ taking a trip to Leeds, England to see Pumice, Thistle Group and Vibracathedral Orchestra and a review of the gig, a review of The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra sound-tracking The Empire Strikes Back, and reviews of gigs by The Occasion Collective and Shunyata Improvisation Group 

TQ21 - 28 pages - Feature on Damselfly including reviews of the full release catalogue and an interview with Darren Holloway. Reviews of recorded works by Chelsea Hare, Murray Royston-Ward, Daniel Gregory, Jaffro and Grozny Penthouse, an interview with the Panurus Productions label and a review of their complete output, a mini-feature on the new release by Blanc Sceol and introducing TQ artist in residence (Chris Whitehead) 

TQ20 - 28 pages - Interviews with Olie Griffin about Blyth’s Four Fingers Club, and with id m theft able, (there’s also a gig review of an id m performance), album reviews include Scotch Funeral, Ingrid Plum, Michiru Aoyama, Concrete Tooth, Eliane Rosalas. Written pieces about the new releases by Sheer Zed and Robert Wies, a feature entitled ‘In Search of the Whitemorgue’ and another concerning the eurock zine journey.

TQ19 - 28 pages - The Minimalist Issue; An interview with Eliane Radique. Reviews include releases from; Skimmings, Viju Krem, Sound System Decontrol, Disappearing, Trombilation, Kate Carr, Abby Lee Tee. Features on; Defining ‘music’, Minimalism in 3 Exercises, Arvo Part; a composer for our time, We Did it Again (an appreciation of the early Soft Machine track), Sound and Silence - The Ying and Yang Doppler Doppelgänger Twins, and the 23 contributing artists to the TQ Tone Quanta double album describe the making of their piece.

TQ18 – 28 pages - ‘Packaging – Personal Reflections & Journeys’ feature. Interviews with Zoviet France, and Bloxham Tapes. Album reviews inc’ Roman Nose, Cyanide Tooth, Neil Campbell, Okkyung Lee, One Way Song, and the full Bloxham Tapes Catalogue. Review of Koan 8; Liberation gig inc’ Rhodri Davies.

TQ17 – 32 pages - £6/ £7/ £8 - Tusk Festival 2018 Special; Interviews with Ceramic Hobs, Shaun Blezard, Robert Ridley Shackleton, Lee Etherington, N-Aut, TQ, Chow Mwng, and St James Infirmary. Reviews of the entire film programme, and performances by Lea Bertucci, Double Bass Crossfade, and Chow Mwng. Gig review of snmtmns, Liminal Haze and Vampires.  

TQ16 – 28 pages – Interviews with Caiti Baker, Xqui, the partnership that manages the Liquid Library label. ‘Music & Mental Health’ mini-feature. Album reviews inc’ Hardworking Families, Blood Claat Orange, Caiti Baker, Xqui, and the full Liquid Library catalogue. Review of a Shunyata Improvisation Group gig. 

TQ15 – 28 pages –Interviews with the head honcho at Invisible City Records label, Ivan the Tolerable, Mondo Sadists, and the head of the Luxury Bucket label. Album reviews include; the full Luxury Bucket catalogue, Liminal Haze, Stuart Chalmers, Historically Fucked, Le Fruit Vert, ‘Little Buildings – venue’ mini-feature.

TQ14 – 28 pages - Krautrock Special; Posset offers a track by track description of his new album Another Forever Tomorrow. Features on Kraftwerk lyrics, discovering Can, and Holger Czukay. Album reviews inc’ Roland Kayn, Faust, Kieron Mahon, Fauxe. Review of ‘All Gates Open - the Story of Can’ book. Interview with Dave Howcroft of N-Aut (No-audience underground tapes)

TQ13 - 28 pages - John Peel Special; Features personal reminiscences about Peel and performers discuss their Peel BBC sessions. Comic strip by Lee Thacker. Album reviews inc’ Preening, Mt. Accord, Landscape. Interview with Simon Coates of Tse Tse Fly Middle East. Tales from the merch’ stall.

TQ12 - 28 pages - 1st Anniversary Special; All 32 artists explain their contribution to the 3 CDr TQ release ‘Covering the Covers’ which is available at tqzine.bandcamp.com

TQ11 - 28 pages - Interview with Etrick Scott of JaZZ RiOT, Charlie Ulyatt, and Jamie Stuart talking about Wrest and Fuckin’ Amateurs. Album reviews inc’ BBBlood, Naido, Charlie Ulyatt, duenn, Verboden Boys, Neil Campbell, Graham Dunning. Gig review of Koan 7 featuring John Pope, Mobius, Cooking with Three and The Lightwaves Museum. Feature on a selection of releases on the Fuckin’ Amateurs label.

TQ10 - 28 pages - Interviews with Jamie Stuart, Kassia Flux (RIP), Lost Robots. Gig review of Bin Man Thrash, Drooping Finger, John Bowers. Album reviews inc’ Kassia Flux (RIP), Nat Lyon, Shit Creek, Dave Clarkson, Delphine Dora, Stephanie Merchak, Senyawa, Lost Robots

TQ9 - 28 pages - Interviews with Jay Hinman of Dynamite Haemorrhage, Scott McKeating, and Tonesucker. Album reviews inc’ Joined by Wire, Chris Pottinger, Tradescantia zebrine, Several Wives, Diurnal Burdens, Chrome, Diurnal Burdens. Book review of ‘Scott Walker, Sundog: Selected Lyrics’. Feature on Chicago Psychedelic Street Music

TQ8 - 28 pages - RIP Mark E Smith. Interviews with Penance Stare, Natalia Beylis, and Jo Thomas. An appreciation of MES. Feature on the Carmarthen scene. Album reviews inc’ Richard Skelton, Jo Thomas, Cannon Bone, Lovely Wife, Natalia Beylis, Murray Royston-Ward, Death in Scarsdale, Stephanie Merchak, Ben Mason, Penance Stare. Gig review of Posset, Culver, MP Wood.

TQ7 - 28 pages - Album reviews inc’ Nad Spiro, Mobius, Dead Neanderthals, Big Road Breaker, Grozney Penthouse, Prana Crafter, Knives, Gavin Laird, BrB>voicecoil, Minitel, Henry Cow, Interviews with Marc Reina, Olie Griffin, and Lindsay Duncanson

TQ6 - 40 pages - £8/ £9/ £10 - Features about Silence in Music, and also sound & the creation of imaginary films. Interviews with KWC/ Posset, Kevin Wilkinson, Trupa Trupa, and Ash Cooke. Album reviews inc’ Edith Alonso, Hardworking Families, KWC/ Posset, Kate Armitage, Steven Ball, Trupa Trupa, Ian Watson/ Rob Hayler, Hammer of Hathor. Gig review of Witchblood.

TQ5 - 40 pages - £8/ £9/ £10 - Tusk Festival 2017 Special; Remembering Dark Tusk (2016). Interviews with Mwstard!, Staraya Derevnya, Graham Hopper, Duncan Harrison, Lee Etherington, Hasan Gaylani & Joe Murray, Performance reviews of Brainbombs, Nurse with Wound, BrB>Culver, Tashi Lhunpo Monks with Blackmoon 1348 and Noize Choir. Album reviews inc’ Astrid & Rachel Grimes, Phil Maguire, Do Pas O, Soiled/ Marcus H, Equinox, Mwstard!

TQ4 - 28 pages - Interview with Richard Sanderson of the Linear Obsessional label. Album reviews inc’ ZX Electric, Kevin Ayres, Kill Alters, Aqua Dentata, Duncan Harrison, Chow Mwng, Bitter Lake, Vluba, Chalung-Gra, Yol. Feature on a This Heat 1980 gig.

TQ3 - 28 pages - Gig reviews of Rust Ruus, Pinnel, Louie Rice & Luciano Maggiore, Koan 4, Little Mix, and Brian Wilson. Features on ‘world music’, and Soft Machine's Third. Interview with trubba not. Album reviews inc’ Monte Burrows, Chik White, Jlin, Songhoy Blues, Staraya Derevnya.

TQ2 - 28 pages - Feature on the music of The Ex. Gig review of Wrest, Vampyres, Xazzaz, MP Wood. Album reviews inc’ The Sons of David Ginola, Mudguts, Tape Loop Orchestra, Mark McGuire, Squirrel Bait, Faust, Popular Radiation. Interview with Lee Etherington (Director of TUSK Festival)

TQ1 - 24 pages - £4/ £5/ £6 - Reviews inc’ Akatombo, Chan Marshall, L Pierre, Toy, Far Rainbow. 1967 list.