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TQ55 – The Mental Health Issue - 48 pages - £10/£14/£16

Co-edited with Kieran Mahon and offering many personal insights into the challenges of being a creative type while struggling with chronic and fluctuating mental health. With contributions and extremely personal stories from; Acep Hale, Ade Hodges, Anonymous 1, Anonymous 2, Beano, Chris Whitehead, Daniel Hignell, Daniel Gregory, ian Cusack, Ian Haygreen, Jonas Geiger Ohlin, Megaheadphoneboy, Neil Grant, Ola Aldous

TQ54 – Ukrainian Fundraiser - 56 Pages - - £9/£13/£16.

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TQ53 - 32 Pages 

The cover design is by friend of TQ, Matt Atkins. An octogenarian shares his memories of digging the jazz scene in Northeast England. We untangle Late Works, Preparations - Objects of Art, Album and YouTube film of a Live Performance.  There’s an appreciation of jazz trumpeter and bandleader Matthew Halsall We review the Cowboy Flying Saucer album, Shin Bone - we review it not once, but twice. There’s a review of Auntie Joy 2 featuring Church Bells, Christian Alderson, Shunyata Improvisation Group, Kate Halsall, NofC and TarQuin. We pop into the Tyneside Improvisers Workshop hosted by Faye MacCalman and John Pope. Check out the review of the live event entitled Between Bridges held at Durham Castle and featuring the sounds of Paul Taylor and the lights of Mick Stephenson. We dissect the odd, weird and wonderfulness of Asylum by Greg Nieuwsma and Antonello Perfetto  

TQ49 – 28 Pages

Following the Klaus Dinger TQ48 special issue we offer the solution to the Klausword. Continuing the German music theme, we sit at the TQ Round Table with David Howcroft, Gary Lang and Kieran Mahon to chat ‘Krautrock’. Three album reviews found in the TQHQ archives are dusted off and we go in search of Reynols dematerialised vinyl. The piece that won the TQ36/37 competition is reproduced. 8-Tracker recommends several excellent pieces to wrap your ears around. 

TQ48 – 44 pages - £10/£14/£16 - Klaus Dinger Special 

A major feature about the man himself, an interview with his partner Miki Yui, and Jacob Frössén (Director of film; The Heart is a Drum’), a Dinger crossword, personal recollections, and we interview Diarmuid MacDiarmada about the influence of Dinger and Krautrock in general and achieving altered states of mind through music.

TQ46/47 – 60 pages - £10/£14/£16 

We discover The Lubber Fiend, space in the centre of Newcastle, England. The ‘why’s and wherefores’ of TUSK and livestreaming are explained. We interview the head honcho at a new DIY label, ‘Difficult Art And Music’. Gawain Hewitt explains how free improvisation got him back to making sound. We catch up with ORINJ – an amazing trio of teenagers. We interview Daughters of the Desert and Wes Stephenson tells all about jazz in the North East of England. Cassette tapes, mixtapes and pop anarchy all loom large. Following the round table discussion between Dave Clarkson, Paul Wormhole and myself in TQ31, we present the next round table on the topic of ‘improvisation’. 

TQ43 – CRr of a virtual gig at The Faulty Amp featuring;

Ash Cooke, Cowboy Flying Saucer, Pinnel, Posset, Mark Browne, Mauritian Impossible, Richard Sanderson, SINNEN. Includes a raffle ticket (3 prizes, two specially commissioned beer mats, a gig flyer and a picture quiz Strictly limited to 200 copies

TQ38/39/40 – 80 pages – TUSK Virtual Special - £12/£16/£18 

Interviews with Lee Etherington, Loula Yorke, Cath Tyler, Joe Murray, Maja SK Ratkje, Vicki Bennett (People Like Us), Beth Gripps, Gaelynn Lea, Erika Leaman (BLOM), and more reviews than you can shake a virtual stick at!

TQ34/35 – 56 pages - £10/£14/£16 

Interviews with; Kevin Wilkinson (AKA BrB>Voicecoil, Steep Gloss label (Ross Scott-Buccleuch, Paul Taylor, HREA’M label (Darren J Holloway), A Beautiful Idea (AKA David Barr), Bas van Huizen, Tobias Sarra, Scissorgun (AKA Alan Hempsall & Dave Clarkson. Reviews of works by; Staraya Derevnya & Hans Grusel’s Krankenkabinet, Stuart Chalmers & Alan Courtis, A Beautiful Idea, BrB>Voicecoil, Tom White, VOSP, Chris Fratesi, Scissorgun, Chris Fuffoni, alive BrB>Voicecoil event review. Features on the cancellation of Umbria Jazz Festival and Buxton Fringe (Summer 2020)     

TQ33 – 40 pages - £10/£14/£16Dual Publication / Split Issue with Deft Esoterica #3.5 – Interviews with; Hydrogen Bouquet, Liam Slevin (about Sonic Arts Week), Jerod Sommerfeldt. Pinnel & Shunyata Improvisation Group gig review, feature about a visit to the Trout Mask Replica house, review of Ticking Clock by Halo-Dragonfly, ‘The Dragonfly’ poem and an Anglo-American Puzzle Page

TQ28 - 28 pages- REYNOLS Special - An interview with the band, four personal reviews of the Minecxio Emanations 1993-2018 box set and an interview with curator of the set; Lasse Marhaug, and photos supplied by the band and drawings supplied by Miguel Tomasin.

TQ27 - 28 pages - An interview with Lindsay Duncanson (aka Pinnel) about the creation of her debut album Animal Wife, a feature on seeking out sounds in the flatlands of Suffolk, an extensive feature on the St James Infirmary almanac 2019 series of EP's with all 12 reviewed, a review of the first TQN-aut promoted gig featuring Warped Freqs and St James Infirmary, a review of the 2019 Woodland Gathering Festival, a mini-feature on the mysterious world of WIP and a review of the new album by The Leaf Library.

TQ22 & 23 - Antipodean Special DOUBLE ISSUE - 56 pages - £10/£14/£16 - Feature on Buzzing Minds and the creation of a noise album by homeless people in Sydney and an interview with the project co-ordinator Jay Simonit, and a personal description of their track by each of the albums contributors, reviews of Thistle Group, Pumice, The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor, Beth Gripps, 3031, Helicopter Quartet and more, interviews with the Australian Frustration Jazz label and Independent Woman Records and with Dylan Carlson, Claire Mahoney (aka Thistle Group), Stefan Neville (aka Pumice), a feature on TQ taking a trip to Leeds, England to see Pumice, Thistle Group and Vibracathedral Orchestra and a review of the gig, a review of The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra sound-tracking The Empire Strikes Back, and reviews of gigs by The Occasion Collective and Shunyata Improvisation Group 

TQ16 – 28 pages – Interviews with Caiti Baker, Xqui, the partnership that manages the Liquid Library label. ‘Music & Mental Health’ mini-feature. Album reviews inc’ Hardworking Families, Blood Claat Orange, Caiti Baker, Xqui, and the full Liquid Library catalogue. Review of a Shunyata Improvisation Group gig.