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TQ62/63 – 60 Pages - £10/£14/£16.

Includes a section covering ‘chance & randomness’ and comes in a hand drawn wrap-around cover. Features include, words in music and writing, experimentation and results, an interview with an AI Language Model

a composer’s guide to ‘chance’, the notion of playing with ‘chance’. Ray Shulman and Tony TS McPhee obituaries, introducing the tqBay selling page, a meeting with rapper MC Papoose, a major interview with Food People, a review of the new Shunyata Improvisation Group album, the first of an occasional new feature called playlisTQuest, we visit a host of live events to witness performances from; A’Bear, Audio Obscura, Bartholomew, Ian J Cole, Ivy Nostrum, Jo Johnson, namke communications, Rovellasca, The Black Dog, Violet, and Warrington Runcorn New Town Development Plan

TQ57 – 36 Pages 

Introducing the (T)QR code giving readers access to a wealth of goodies (only valid while the zine is ‘the current’ issue), the first of a new series called Musical Rivers Through Time where new Team TQ member Geoff Fimister reviews gigs from the 60s to the present day, a review of the 2nd TQLive gig featuring Posset, Chelsea Hare, Bartholomew/Cusack and Erah-O-Ssop, a feature on split releases, we celebrate Wormhole World Records 4th birthday with an interview with Paul Wormhole, a review of the Curvy Lines album by Derrero and an interview with Alex Reed & Dave Scott


A review of the first TQLive gig featuring Mobius, Shunyata Improvisation Group & HEN, a review of Cowboy Flying Saucer live at Manchester, an interview with Happiness Forever and also Team TQ member and artist Chris Whitehead, a review of A Machine in Search of the End of Darkness by Black Hair Rolled In Dried Blood, a review and appreciation of the short run CDr’s by Stephen Evans

TQ55 – THE MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE - 48 pages - £10/£14/£16

Co-edited with Kieran Mahon and offering many personal insights into the challenges of being a creative type while struggling with chronic and fluctuating mental health. With contributions and extremely personal stories from; Acep Hale, Ade Hodges, Anonymous 1, Anonymous 2, Beano, Chris Whitehead, Daniel Hignell, Daniel Gregory, ian cusack, Ian Haygreen, Jonas Geiger Ohlin, Megaheadphoneboy, Neil Grant, Ola Aldous

TQ54 – THE UKRAINIAN FUNDRAISER ISSUE - 56 Pages - £10/£14/£16.

Interviews, observations, comment, reviews, illustrations. All related to Ukranian artists.  All sales income donated to Disasters Emergency Fund.

TQ49 – 28 Pages

Following the Klaus Dinger TQ48 special issue we offer the solution to the Klausword. Continuing the German music theme, we sit at the TQ Round Table with David Howcroft, Gary Lang and Kieran Mahon to chat ‘Krautrock’. Three album reviews found in the TQHQ archives are dusted off and we go in search of Reynols dematerialised vinyl. The piece that won the TQ36/37 competition is reproduced. 8-Tracker recommends several excellent pieces to wrap your ears around. 

TQ28 - REYNOLS SPECIAL - 28 pages - An interview with the band, four personal reviews of the Minecxio Emanations 1993-2018  box set and an interview with curator of the set; Lasse Marhaug, and photos supplied by the band and drawings supplied by Miguel Tomasin.

TQ22 & 23 - ANTIPODEAN SPECIAL - 56 pages - £10/£14/£16 - Feature on Buzzing Minds and the creation of a noise album by homeless people in Sydney and an interview with the project co-ordinator Jay Simonit, and a personal description of their track by each of the albums contributors, reviews of Thistle Group, Pumice, The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor, Beth Gripps, 3031, Helicopter Quartet and more, interviews with the Australian Frustration Jazz label and Independent Woman Records and with Dylan Carlson, Claire Mahoney (aka Thistle Group), Stefan Neville (aka Pumice), a feature on TQ taking a trip to Leeds, England to see Pumice, Thistle Group and Vibracathedral Orchestra and a review of the gig, a review of The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra sound-tracking The Empire Strikes Back, and reviews of gigs by The Occasion Collective and Shunyata Improvisation Group