TQ44 is available from 28 th May 2021 and includes an extra 4 pages to our standard.


- Vin Cassidy of Section 25

- Faye MacCalman

- Tapes & Tubes

- Chris Anderson of Crayola Lectern


- The Kings Hall Concert album by Telemaque

- The inaugural gig at The Faulty Amp featuring; Pinnel, Richard Sanderson, Cowboy

Flying Saucer, Ash Cooke, SINNEN, Mauritian Impossible, Posset, Mark Browne


- Homeconomics by Steven Ball

- The answers to the quiz in TQ43

- Cartoon tribute to Lou Ottens

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One of the following;

- DL code for Homeconomics by Steven Ball

- DL code for an album on Wormhole World

- CDr of Process Over Product from DX111 Recordings

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