Exclusive Offers

TQ exists to bring you the best in matters relating to the no-audience underground scene, and is primarily concerned with giving subscribers a physical zine, and enjoying the thrill of printed words on paper. However, we aim to bring you more when funds and energy permit, and this page gives a flavor of what goodies are in store.

Bringing subscriber specials comes at a cost to TQ and the artist, and therefore availability is sometimes less than the number of subscribers. Where this is the case, specials will be inserted into TQ packages at random by the package stuffer.

If you are interested in releasing material in partnership with TQ, please email


Previous specials still available to new subscribers

April’s TQ10 -  A DL code which gives them access to ‘Slant Front Desk’, the new album by Nat Lyon.

May’s TQ11- Subscribers receive a copy of the new CD from Charlie Ulyatt ‘Inaudible Gestures’. Only a few remain

June’s TQ12 The 1st anniversary issue included a Various Artists download, with each performer providing an exclusive track based on the graphic score from one of the covers of TQ8, 9, or 10 which have been designed with this project in mind by Ash Cooke. This ‘Covering the Covers’ project offers over 3 hours of sounds from 32 artists, many of whom are leaders in the field of DIY and experimental sounds. DL income will go to charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

Forthcoming subscriber only specials

July TQ13 A DVD of the film ‘REPUBLIC’ about the town that was voted the worst in England; Blyth, Northumberland. Vimeo.com/ondemand/republic

August TQ14 A cd of the new album ‘ANOTHER FOREVER TOMORROW’ from Posset. Posset.bandcamp.com

September TQ15 A cd of tracks specially selected for TQ by Ivan the Tolerable from his back catalogue. Ivanthetolerable.bandcamp.com

October TQ16 A new release from Chlorine, and if you know of his work, you are gonna want this! Experimental meets Sound Art meets Field Recordings meets Improvisation meets DIY. Chlorinerecordings.bandcamp.com

November TQ17A new cd release ‘ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS UNASKED’ from St James Infirmary. Stjamesinfirmary.bandcamp.com

December TQ18 – Discussions are underway with Hardworking Families to bring subscribers something a little extra. hardworkingfamilies.bandcamp.com

January TQ19 – With ‘The Minimalist’ issue of TQ we will be bringing you something a bit special. No spoilers just yet.

February TQ20 – Discussions are underway with Blanc Sceol about a subscriber special. Sound makers, explorers, performers, investigators and inventors. blancsceol.co.uk

March TQ21 – Discussions are underway with Chris Whitehead about a free DL. Taphonomyblog.wordpress.com

Other - Chow Mwng’s ‘Nunavik’ cd was given away to subscribers with January’s TQ7 - The Nunavik Issue. All physical copies of the EP have now sold out, however digital downloads are still available from 

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