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The bumper 44-page TQ30 COVID-19 Special contains musings, listening and other 'habits', online gigs and much more, formulated during the current crisis from; Andy Wood, Chris Whitehead, Andrew Fletcher, Joe Murray, Matt Atkins, David Howcroft, O Johnston, David Little, Skip Doncaster, Martin Donkin, Jo Wood, Austen Potter, Shaun Malone, Pettaluck, Darren J.Holloway, Stumpy Posters, R.Weis, NoC, Andrew Harper, Paul PMZ, Valantis Kampragkos, Nat Lyon, Jude Cowan Montague & Steven Ball, Crumpsall Riddle, Krusty Punk Hippy, Claude & Ola Aldous,  and Livvy Wilkinson.

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