TQ55‘The Mental Health Issue’ is available from 15th July and is a massive 48 pages and includes up to 4 subscriber only Yum Codes from;

  • Difficult Art and Music

  • Jonas Geiger Ohlin

  • Megaheadphoneboy

  • The New Emphatic

This issue has been co-edited with Kieran Mahon and offers many personal insights into the challenges of being a creative type while struggling with chronic and fluctuating mental health.

I’d like to thank the following for making this issue possible, and particularly all those who shared extremely personal stories;

Acep Hale

Ade Hodges

Anatomy of the Heads

Anonymous 1

Anonymous 2


Chris Whitehead

Daniel Hignell

Daniel Gregory

ian cusack

Ian Haygreen

Jonas Geiger Ohlin

Kieran Mahon


Neil Grant

Ola Aldous

Paul PMZ


July 2022

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