TQ26 is available early December 2019

Welcome one and all to TQ26. This is our 3rd Tusk Festival special and in keeping with previous ones it’s a bumper issue, and at 36-pages is 8 longer than standard, and at no extra cost to subscribers. You lucky people!

Not only that – the following subscriber only gifts will be inserted at random by the envelope stuffer here at TQHQ 

- 40 copies of the new release by HAPPINESS//forever
- 10 copies of Elemental by Xqui
- 10 copies of Fucked by WIP
- A whole bunch of stickers and postcards
- Several Cup n Ring stone rubbings signed by David Howcroft

Accept all this goodness as a gesture from Team TQ in the lead up to the season of goodwill, and as freebie numbers are limited, apologies if you miss out.

Features this issue include;

- A festival volunteers view.
- Reflective thoughts from Festival Director, Lee Etherington
- An interview with Shunyata Improvisation Group joined by Johann Wlight
- A review of the final act of the festival; The Necks
- An interview with The Necks double bass player – Lloyd Swanton
- A great cartoon strip depicting aliens arriving at the festival by resident illustrator, Mr. Whitehead
- Every Tusk film is reviewed
- A review of the performance by David Howcroft & Swarm Front
- An interview with David Howcroft explaining the planning that went into Cup n Rings
- A punter reviews his personal weekend – this is not for the feint hearted!
- Musician / artist – Museleon / Odette Johnson explains the creation of pictures from sound
- Four reproductions of Odette’s Tusk interpretations of performances by Farmer Glitch and Ellen Akbro

See ya’ll in January

TarQuin x
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