What They Say

What people are saying about TQ

“ Andy at TQ has opened my eyes and ears to so many new sounds and scenes through his fantastic zine. His passion shines through, matched by the wonderful relationships he has with all the artists whether he knows them well or not. I get the feeling if not friends at the outset then they soon become so through his sheer positivity and desire to promote the music he loves. Plenty of amazing freebies for subscribers too”

Simon Klee - subscriber

“A unique resource”
Rod Warner – subscriber

“Notable new publications include Andy Wood’s TQ. Andy played a blinder here by creating a regular, substantial paper zine and promoting it via that fancy social media that everyone uses nowadays. He has a bunch of great contributors. More power to him”

Rob Hayler – musician and blogger and subscriber

“Andy should be super proud of TQ zine, mind you I had total confidence in him. It was clear from meeting him that he has an encyclopaedic knowledge of music, open ears, and a tremendous energy – you can’t fail with that formula”

Joe Murray aka Posset – musician and subscriber

“A DIY zine by one of the most passionate experimental music fans I know”

Davy Reed – music writer and subscriber 

“A great read, with the benefit of one voice, and the sense that we are tapping into the muso-head of a devotee of good sounds”

Nigel Pownceby – musician and subscriber

“An excellent resource for those of us into the less standard, non-formularised areas of music/sound” -
Ade Hodges – musician and subscriber

"I finally subscribed to TQ and i got my first issue yesterday. It is superb. Everything a fanzine style music mag should be. Hats off!"

Kieran Mahon – musician and subscriber

"It's a great read and I'm glad to get to know even more underground noise / experimental musics, plus all the gig reports, since I'm never going to see any of these in Greece."

Chrysovalantis Kampragkos - subscriber

"TQ knows what they’re talking about, and istens to a wide range of music. The zine was a most enjoyable read"

Kassia Flux - musician

"One thing I really appreciate about TQ, aside from how great it is as a publication, is how it has brought together networks that I relate to, people around Newcastle, Teesside, and the improvising scene in London, for example. That's a great strength"

John Bowers – musician and subscriber

"TQ has raised the profile of underground music (with or without an audience) in the UK, and has introduced me to some extraordinary sounds."

Richard Sanderson – musician, Cucrator of Linear Obsessional Recordings label and subscriber

“An excellent fanzine for a real reflection on what is going on in the UK experimental underground. Recommended”

                                                                   Paul Watson – musician and subscriber.

“A crucial underground zine” 

                       Josh Gordon - Curator of ever / never records (NYC) and subscriber

"Best experimental music fanzine in the cosmos"

Ade Hodges – musician and subscriber

“ Really enjoyed the mags, love the attitude/ positive approach. Good work, keep it up”

Lasse Marhaug – Musician and Personal Best zine