This events page is primarily, though not exclusively, about stuff coming up in the North East of England. If you have an event you would like to see posted here (regardless of location), tell me about it.

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25thPascagoula, Proboscis, Corpse Twitcher – Head of Steam, Newcastle. – 7.30pm. £6
26th – Joe Murray (aka Possett) presents at The Old Police House, 19-21 West Street, Gateshead, NE8 1AD, 7.30 - £5 - BYOB
Human Heads - Multi-media artists, deep-thinkers and succulent performers Human Heads (Ben Knight & Hannah Ellul) bring their singular electronic sound to Gateshead. Ben and Hannah have been at the forefront on the No Audience Underground for a decade running the excellent Psykick Dancehall label, publishing house and curatorship team.  They still find the energy to bzxserious time with a whole bunch of groops: Helhesten, Marvo Men, White Death & Katz Mulk to name just a few. Human Heads are lifting the lid on the electronic duo, taking a pinch of Yazoo but slurring the beats and spooning half-spoken, half-sung words into the mix; wrestling with murmuring clouds of antiseptic fizz...a gritty Bonjela cocktail.
Ant Macari - Zen-master and drone-wizard Ant Macari is a true renaissance man.  Acclaimed visual artist, versatile musician and trusted carpenter Ant’s next move is always the one you’d least expect.  Ant brings spiritual heft to his widescreen tape work and a skeletal blues to his guitar atmospheres.  Imagine Bridget Hayden’s slow hand buffered by sufferah loops, or dust motes the size of Nescafe granules.
Rene McBrearty - The outstanding Rene McBrearty tackles language, meaning and identity in her complex, beautifully nuanced work.  Once described as the missing link between Malcy Duff and Tracie Morris she wraps powerful words up in all kinda jollies bringing a true sculptors hand to hot breath and teeth crackle.  You will be moved!

1stBlackmoon 1348, Uncanny Valley, Mobius - Cobalt Studios, Newcastle
1stLegendary sound poet Jaap Blonk - Shanti CafĂ©, Earthbeat Centre, Saltburn. 7pm. £8
1stDocumentary film about sound poet and Fluxus artist Ludo Mich followed by Q&A with film maker Willie from Woven Skull. Star & Shadow, Newcastle. 7pm
4thRoman Nose, Hawthonn, VioraLimpos, Petronn Sphene – Wharf Chambers, Leeds. 7.30pm - £5 or what you can afford
9thMadwort’s Menagerie (album release) – Hundred Years Gallery, 13 Pearson St, London. E2 8JD
24thCath Roberts, Corey Mwamba, Olie Brice – Hundred Years Gallery, 13 Pearson St, London. E2 8JD
23rd – Damo Suzuki Network, Cowboy Flying Saucer, Ammesbury Banks, Domestic Exile DJ’s  – St Mary’s Music Hall, Walthamstow – 2pm - £13 (Eventbrite),  £16 OTD
23rdNew Zealand nightPumice, The Thistle Group, and more tba – Wharf Chambers, Leeds
19-21st – Supersonic festival – Birmingham. Neurosis, Godflesh, The Bug, The Body, Hen Ogled, Jerusalem in my Heart and more tba
11-13thTusk festival – Sage Gateshead